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The Doody Jury

We Pass Judgment on Your Crap

We Pass Judgment on Your Crap
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This is a community where self-proclaimed critics and artistic masochists meet.

Post your shit, and we'll pass judgement on it.

The Rules Are:

1. No personal insults. Critics you are only allowed to insult the work in question.

2. No whining, crying or pouting or getting defensive. Artists, you are volunteering to be picked apart. Think of it as an opportunity to see what your audience really sees, and quit making bad art and literature, or just quit.

And here are the suggestions:

1. If it's long put it behind an LJ cut. If it's really really long, post a link to a .pdf file.

2. Please keep all images to less than 350 pixels wide. If they absolutely must be any larger, put them behind an LJ cut.

3. If it's particularly foul in content, put it behind an LJ cut and please type NSFW in the subject heading.

4. If it's cryptic, don't justify it with a cryptic excuse. Explain what you're trying to do with a well thought out artist's statement, or statement of method.

5. Lighten up and have some fun.