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Sat, Nov. 8th, 2003, 09:54 pm
nappycrouton: A short, stream of consciousness play about conversation.

2 women, A and B. A is bleeding to death. B wears a watch on her wrist.

a: I was so embarassed of myelf when I realized what I had done

B: Yeah? (pause) Is that why you stabbed yourself?

A: The easy answer is 'yes' but let me tell you, it wouldn't be the right one;
(pause) that's not why I stabbed myself, in fact.

B: okay. Wait, what had you done? sorry. I totally missed that part

A: This woman came up to me to ask me the time and she was comming from behind me, and. I don't know why
but I thought, for some strange. weird reason, that she was some guy attacking me. I get paranoid. you know

B: Yeah, yer crazy you stab yourself

A: Yeah, well, I just thought she was going to do something. I don't know. To me so I screamed and ran to the nearest streetlamp.

B: Ha.

A: Yeah.
A: I stabbed myself because I was obsessed with my organs. Like a sponge. I just couldn't believe theree were functioning
thing in my body like organs. Like blood was running through me, pumped with a heart. I even forget sometimes that I have legs
that do my walking for me.

B: Okay. So you stabbed yourself?

A: Yeah. Stupid, I know.

B: I'll say (Pause. B swallows her watch hole. End of play)

Tue, Nov. 11th, 2003 09:08 pm (UTC)


This play needs cupcakes.